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Merry Christmas in Iceland!

Gleđileg Jól! Merry Christmas! - Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and new year from snowy, snowy Iceland. May this year be good to you and bad to the stinking heavy industry. This year has seen some absolutely monumental victories. In Iceland the National Power Agency (Landsvirkjun) announced that it did not wish to supply energy for further aluminium smelters in Iceland. This means that ALCAN and RUSAL no longer get new smelters, if true. But, all is not won yet, ALCOA's second smelter in Iceland is still on the cards as they fiercely push for a smelter in the North. Also, new dams and geothermal plants are still well underway, the difference is that the energy will be given away to other industries such as the computer server and silicone industries. For the people whose land is to be forcefully acquired or for those who are simply in love with Iceland as a wilderness, the struggle must continue. But, we must also recognise our huge victory, there can surely be no going back to the aluminium industry.

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Some of the SI collective have made a present for all of you, and you can see it on Youtube, here:

In love, solidarity and continual strength,

SI collective and Iceland's Yule Lads

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